Tom ElliottI am a Class A Building Contractor comfortable with all phases of home construction: from excavation and foundation to carpentry, trim, and stonework. My specialty, however, is working with natural materials in a unique way to solve construction problems. Years of study and consistent work have given me knowledge and experience to work with a wide variety of materials, including wood, stone, concrete, water, metal, and etc.

Building, for me, is not just a physical process of putting things together, rather it is the embodiment of intent. It grows out of a complicated design process, which is about understanding the unique circumstances and history of the situation, responding to people’s hopes and dreams, and listening to natural materials that speak back to you. After considering all these parts, an understanding of how to make my client’s ideas tangible begins to come forward, which I try to approach with respect and honesty. Building and manifesting someone’s dreams is a great honor for me. I consider it work done in service and in benefit of people.